Road Map for February: Sophomores

Many 10th graders took the PSAT in October, but some schools also offer the PSAT 10. This is actually the same test but it’s given between late February and the end of April instead.  It’s a good opportunity to get a read on your strengths and areas to work on over the next few months. It can also help you choose between the SAT and ACT,  and think about your testing calendar next year and the prep you will do for the real thing.

Most sophomores are also choosing courses for 11th grade around this time.  According to this recent survey, rigor in your curriculum is one of the most important criteria colleges will consider in the application process.  I recommend that students take a courseload that is challenging but not overwhelming.  Along the same lines, junior year will be busy, so I like to work with students to plan ahead to keep a handle on college-related activities like test prep and campus visits. To schedule a consultation on testing, course selection or other topics, contact me or click here for more information about services for 10th graders.