Road Map for April: Seniors

Congratulations to all of you on the offers of admission you’ve received! I hope you’ve gotten the news you were hoping for and are excited about your choices. A lot of my students have been taking advantage of admitted student invitations to visit their top choice campuses, some for a second time, and evaluate which option would be the best fit.

Unfortunately, FAFSA glitches have continued to keep many students from getting the financial aid offers they’re anticipating, and since most families need to factor aid into their student’s choice, many students are waiting on this information to make their final decision. If you’re in this position, check your colleges’ enrollment deadlines and ask for more time if you need it.  And if you receive an aid offer but it’s too low, it might make sense to appeal. Here are three of my favorite articles on this topic, and although they are from previous years, the advice still applies. Finally, this is an excellent resource for drafting an appeal letter.

Of course, not everyone receives ONLY acceptances. If you haven’t been admitted to your top choices and would like guidance on waitlist strategies, additional applications, or gap year options, please get in touch with me.