Road Map for May: Seniors

Congratulations to all of you who have made your college decision! Since many colleges have extended their enrollment deadlines and many of you are still waiting on financial aid details, I know May 1 wasn’t a big day for everyone, but I hope you’re finalizing your choice and getting excited about where you’ll be next year.

If you’re not happy with your choices, however, keep in mind that NACAC has released its annual College Openings Update. More than 200 colleges still have space available and are accepting applications for incoming freshman this fall.  You can review the list here and contact me if you need assistance preparing new applications or guidance on gap year planning.

As you prepare for the transition from high school to college, one of the things you may want to start doing is networking. A great first step is to create a LinkedIn profile based on the activities list you used for your applications. Then think about people you’ve met throughout high school who you’d like to stay connected with on a professional basis. In addition to friends and classmates, this might include teachers, supervisors from a job or volunteer experience, coaches, club advisors . . . . or perhaps your college counselor!