Road Map for Sophomores

I hope you’ve settled into the school year and are doing well and enjoying fall, both academically and more generally. Many of you will be getting your first quarter grades in the coming weeks. How have the first couple months of school been going?  You also may have a routine of extracurricular activities, which I hope you’re enjoying. If not, consider finding a hobby or joining a club that interests you. Think of this year as an opportunity to explore, and perhaps to explore a college or two.  Where I live the fall color is peaking and you’ll see local colleges at one of the most beautiful times of year.

A lot of you also took the PSAT recently and will be getting scores in December. I always remind 10th graders that this test is strictly diagnostic and is an opportunity to see how you might do on the SAT in the future. However, your PSAT next fall, and the SAT starting in March 2024, will only be given digitally.  As the first group of students to be offered this new digital exam, the Class of 2025 is in a unique position and there are some additional things to think about in planning your testing calendar and prep for next year. For more information and to help develop a plan, I hope you’ll join me on November 20 for This Is Only A Test