Road Map for September: Freshmen

Welcome to high school! This year I’m sure some things are quite different from what you expected when you imagined your freshman year. My top priority for 9th graders is to have a smooth transition to high school and lay the foundation for a successful high school experience. That includes getting comfortable with your new routines, getting to know your teachers and exploring the new opportunities you’ll have that weren’t available in middle school.

Keep in mind that in this ongoing COVID environment most of us are slightly off-balance, including your teachers. This makes it all the more important to ask for anything you need that will help you be successful. You should also be aware that the transition to high school is a significant adjustment for almost all students, and COVID adds a layer on top of that. That means you should be extra kind to yourself if you run into anything that does not go smoothly. Communicate with your parents and teachers, practice advocating for yourself and what you need, and remember that although you are expected to be increasing your level of independence, that does not mean you are expected to do everything on your own.