Road Map for November: Sophomores

Many students have gotten the first report card of the year. How was yours? Are there any areas where you might benefit from additional support? One of the most important things students can learn to do in high school is identify when they need help and how to get it.  For academics, your teachers should be your first stop. Take advantage of whatever extra help is available after school or during free periods. Just taking the step of communicating with teachers is an important skill to practice, and letting them know you’re not understanding the material may lead them to adjust their approach for the rest of the class as well.  If you need more than that, additional resources like Khan Academy, peer tutoring or professional tutoring can also help. The important thing is to seek them out sooner rather than later.

If you took the PSAT in October you’ll be getting scores around this time.  You should view these scores as an early read on whether you might do well on the SAT next year and what your strengths might be. For more context about the role of standardized testing in admissions and how to plan ahead, I hope you’ll join me for my December 3 webinar, This Is Only a Test.