Road Map for November: Seniors

Congratulations and good luck to everyone who submitted early applications! Now that you’ve sent your materials off, your next step is to do a portal check. You should have gotten an email directly from each college containing information on how to log into its portal. This is where you can check your application status to make sure that your file is complete. If anything is missing, first contact the college to ask about their processing time for documents they receive. It can take a week or more to update student accounts once materials like test scores and letters of recommendation have been submitted.  If it does seem like something was lost or not sent, be sure to follow up as soon as possible.

Some colleges offer interviews once you’ve submitted your application and this is an opportunity you should take if it’s available. To prepare, practice answering general questions about yourself and your interests, and specific questions about your interest in the college. Your “Why Us” essays are good preparation for these. Expect the meeting to be a video chat, and arrange for a time and location where you can give it your undivided attention.  You should also dress as you would if it were an in-person meeting; business casual is appropriate (at least for the part of you that will be on-screen.) For more support on preparing for interviews, contact me for an appointment.