Road Map for November: Juniors

Now that you’ve settled into the year, think about which subjects you are enjoying the most. Are these the areas you might be interested in studying in college? Last month I recommended scheduling college tours as well as doing online research to learn about schools you might be interested in. Of course the most important aspect of fit is academic, so start by checking out the undergraduate programs for the subjects you’re interested in. You can look at the majors that are offered, and even see what courses are required and what electives are available for specific majors. You might also look at research opportunities, internships and minors that are available at each college, as well as study abroad options. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want to major in, you can see the range of what is offered and get a sense of the opportunities you’ll have to explore your interests. Be sure to take notes that you can refer back to as you start to decide which schools will actually be on your application list next year.

If you haven’t gotten your PSAT scores back yet you should expect them soon, and if you’ve taken a practice ACT, you’ll ready to develop a testing plan. I hope you’ll join me for my free webinar, This Is Only a Test, on December 3 to learn how to use your scores to choose your test and test dates, and to hear my guidance on test-optional admissions.