Road Map for May: Seniors

I’m so thrilled for all of you who have finalized your college choices and made your commitments! This is an exciting time as you don your college’s gear and look ahead to your home for the next four years.  Remember to keep an eye out for announcements from your college about housing, orientation, registration, etc.

I know there are students who are not happy with their college choices, however. If you’re in this position, check the NACAC college openings list.  More than 350 colleges are still looking for students to enroll this fall, and the list is updated daily.  (Contact me if you need help identifying schools and completing applications, or if you’d like guidance on planning a gap year.)

As you look forward, don’t forget to finish this year strong–I hope your AP and IB exams have been going well, and I wish you the best of luck on any remaining finals.  Keep in mind that all the work you’re doing now is preparing you for the academic challenges of college.

This time can also be bittersweet with a lot of lasts: not only classes and exams, but also athletic events, performances and competitions. And of course COVID has meant that your high school experience has not been exactly what you expected. I hope you’re able to enjoy these last few weeks and all the milestones and celebrations they include.

Finally, parents should review this list of legal documents to start preparing now, before your new adult leaves for college.