Road Map for March: Juniors

Congratulations to all of you who took the SAT in school this week and good luck to those who are taking it next weekend.  If this is your first “real” standardized test, it’s a good starting point to help you start developing your college list.  As you continue to research colleges over the next few months to identify schools that will be a great fit for you, your test scores will help you figure out how competitive you might be for each of the colleges you’re interested in–along with your grades, of course.

Many of you are also planning to attend college tours in March and April, so check out these tips and prepare before you go.  For schools you’re not traveling to see, college fairs and meetings with college representatives who come to your school are also valuable opportunities.  Many colleges assign representatives to recruit and read applications from a particular region and send the “territory rep” for your area to these local events. This means a fair or meeting at school is a chance to meet in person with the admissions official who might eventually be in charge of your application. Furthermore, simply attending these events can count in your favor for colleges that consider demonstrated interest in their admissions process.

To learn more about how to research colleges, evaluate whether they’re right for you, and prepare strong applications, register for College Admissions: A Road Map on March 22 at the Hill Center on Capitol Hill.  If you’re interested in one-on-one guidance on these topics or anything college-related, email me to schedule an appointment.