Road Map for July: Class of 2023

I hope you’re having a great summer so far! In addition to taking classes, doing internships and working, some of my rising seniors are prepping for one more bite at the standardized testing apple, and I’m encouraging all of them to start working on college applications and essays. You’ll benefit by getting as much of this work done as possible during the summer to lighten your fall workload. To help you get started I have several workshops scheduled, and you can schedule your own individual meeting or group session for three or more students. Also remember that the Common Application will shut down on July 28 to transition to the new application cycle; students will be able to log back in on August 1.

I’m also getting a lot of questions from students who are working on their college lists. The acceleration of the test-optional movement over the last two years has shifted things, especially among the most competitive colleges, with more students submitting applications to schools they might not have considered in the past, and acceptance rates dropping as a result. This has made admissions even less predictable at the most elite schools, and somewhat more uncertain even at moderately selective colleges. While in the past I’ve said most students are in good shape with 6 to 10 colleges on their lists, I’ve revised that up to 8 to 12 schools these past couple of cycles. However, I know many students are applying to even more than that–all the more reason to start early! You’ll have a better process and a better product by giving yourself plenty of time to draft, revise and polish your applications and essays and showcase your strengths and talents in the best possible light.