Road Map for February: Juniors

If you’re taking the March SAT or April ACT you are probably deep into test prep now.  As juniors look ahead to these exams, it’s a good idea to plan for any additional test dates you might want to take advantage of.  My goal for you is to have testing off your plate by the end of the summer if possible, which usually means one spring sitting and perhaps a second test date in late spring or summer. You’ll need to plan around other commitments like AP and IB exams in May or family travel or other plans in July and August, so having future dates in mind can help you map out your priorities for the coming months.

Right now most juniors are also planning college visits for spring break. (There are also some opportunities coming up on professional development days and other dates high school students don’t have class.) As you register for information sessions and tours I also recommend taking advantage of your time on campus to learn as much as you can about student life.  You can often arrange to sit in on a class or meet with a faculty member in a subject you’re interested in studying.  Just call ahead to the department or ask the admissions office about opportunities. To learn about other aspects of campus culture, check out events that are happening during your visit, such as sports games, or musical or theater performances.  Check out this list of other ways to make the most of your college tour.

Finally, while I don’t want juniors worrying about application essays until the school year is done, you may be interested to know that the Common App has announced that the essay prompts will not change for the Class of 2021.