Road Map for February: Juniors

As always, your first priority on your college to-do list is doing well in your classes.  However, juniors are getting busier with test prep and college visits on top of coursework and extracurricular activities.  Be sure to make time for things like sleep, exercise and time with friends and family, to keep you going through this hectic season .

As you prepare for your upcoming college visits, don’t forget these tips for making the most of your time on campus.  Try to schedule tours on days that your school is closed and colleges will be open so you can sit in on a class and see what a typical day on campus is like.  Many colleges also have spring open houses scheduled; check out this list of events for schools from New York to Virginia.

Most juniors are still in the early stages of creating their college lists and don’t need to have a final list until late summer or fall.  One exception, however, is those who will be applying to performing arts programs that require auditions. Not only do these programs often have earlier application deadlines than the college as a whole, many require prescreen submissions (like video or audio recordings that meet specific criteria) in addition to everything else the admissions office normally requires (like transcripts, test scores, essays and letters of recommendation).  Furthermore, audition slots can fill up even before the application deadline. If you plan to apply to these types of programs, get to work on an initial college list and research the program requirements now. Keep careful track of deadlines and allow ample time to choose your audition selections, rehearse and record them, and submit them in time to have the best chance at being invited to audition.  You should also keep track of each school’s audition dates and be prepared to travel to campus or other audition sites if you’re offered the opportunity.  For more guidance on this process, email me to schedule a consultation.

Finally, if you’re a girl in 11th grade and are interested in computer science, Girls Who Code offers a free 7-week summer immersion program. To learn more about the program and apply, click here. (The application deadline is March 15.)