Road Map for December: Seniors

Students have been working hard on applications and news from the early round is starting to come in. I’m thrilled for those of you who have received admission offers, and am crossing my fingers for everyone who’s expecting to hear in the next few weeks.

January 1st, 2nd and 5th are popular deadlines for the decision round, and I strongly recommend that if you have applications due during winter break, you complete and submit them before your vacation starts. Although it’s tempting to use the extra time you have during the break, if you need your school counselor for anything he or she might not be available. Plus, you can enjoy your vacation that much more with applications off your plate and start school refreshed in January.

This is also a time to write thank you notes. Your school counselor and teachers who wrote your letters of recommendation have supported you in an important way to meet your goals. They’ve had a tough year just like everyone else. so brighten their day by letting them know how much you appreciate them.