Road Map for April: Juniors

In last month’s post for juniors I recommended that you start getting familiar with the Common Application, but plan to do the bulk of the application and essay work during the summer.  Since then I’ve posted my summer application and essay workshop series. Each workshop includes a webinar to walk students through how to approach the application or essay and shares general advice and strategies. Then you’ll schedule an individual follow-up session for feedback on your application, or guidance at whatever stage of essay writing you need help the most.  Registration is open for sessions from May through August. I hope you’ll join me!

We also got an update recently on the new FAFSA, which normally opens October 1 of senior year. This year, however, legislation to streamline the process means the release of the form will be delayed to December, with the exact date TBD. Fortunately, the Federal Student Aid Estimator will be updated this summer so families can get a sense of the aid they’ll likely be eligible for. I’ll continue to share updates as they are announced.