March 2018

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  • Road Map for March: Seniors

    Your school counselor’s midyear report has gone out by now, so check the portal of each of your colleges to make sure nothing is missing as admission committees make their final decisions.  You should get notifications from all your schools by the beginning of April and should have most of the financial aid offers by then […]

  • Road Map for March: Juniors

    For all the DCPS and charter school students who took the SAT this week, I hope it went well.  To those of you taking it tomorrow, be sure to get a good night’s sleep and review the test-day checklist in advance so you’ll be ready to go.  This is an important piece of your academic […]

  • Road Map for March: Sophomores

    As you choose your junior year classes, remember that colleges consider the rigor of your curriculum in addition to your grades and test scores.  I always recommend a course load that is challenging but not overwhelming.  In other words, take the most challenging classes you can do well in unless it means losing sleep, giving […]

  • Road Map for March: Freshmen

    Now that you’ve settled in, gotten some grades and joined some clubs, it’s time to start keeping a record of your high school experience.  This will help you track your accomplishments and reflect on the growth you have over time in your academics and activities.  Items like essays, projects and videos can be uploaded to […]