Road Map for March: Seniors

Your school counselor’s midyear report has gone out by now, so check the portal of each of your colleges to make sure nothing is missing as admission committees make their final decisions.  You should get notifications from all your schools by the beginning of April and should have most of the financial aid offers by then as well, with all of them by mid-April at the very latest.  May 1 is the universal deadline to submit a deposit at the school of your choice, which gives you a few weeks after receiving decisions to do final visits and review aid packages before making a commitment.

Although the heavy lifting of applications is behind you, be sure to keep your grades up until the end of the year.  The college you enroll in will receive a report of your final grades, and your admission is contingent on maintaining your academic record. And if you still have community service to complete for graduation, get that done ASAP.  I have posted some local organizations that have current opportunities, and you can also search the All For Good database by location and keyword.