Road Map for March: Freshmen

Now that you’ve settled in, gotten some grades and joined some clubs, it’s time to start keeping a record of your high school experience.  This will help you track your accomplishments and reflect on the growth you have over time in your academics and activities.  Items like essays, projects and videos can be uploaded to the Locker on the Coalition for College Access, stored and shared.  You can refer to this information in your junior and senior years when you’re developing college applications, or sooner if you want to prepare a resume for a job or internship application.

As you pick your classes for next year, remember that a more rigorous curriculum will prepare you for college and be seen as a plus in admissions.  In general, I recommend taking the most challenging classes that you can do well in.  Also keep in mind that your choices now may affect the options you have later for classes that have prerequisites or programs that require specific courses, like the AP Capstone Diploma or IB Diploma.