Road Map for March: Juniors

For all the DCPS and charter school students who took the SAT this week, I hope it went well.  To those of you taking it tomorrow, be sure to get a good night’s sleep and review the test-day checklist in advance so you’ll be ready to go.  This is an important piece of your academic record, but remember that it’s only one piece, and more and more colleges are making the SAT and ACT optional.  In addition to test scores and grades, one of the most important factors colleges consider is the rigor of your curriculum. As you choose your courses for senior year, my advice is always to select a course load that is challenging but not overwhelming.

Spring break is approaching, and if your plans include college tours you can start preparing to make the most of your time on campus.  Be sure to take notes; that will help when you’re trying to answer the “Why This College” questions on your applications.  Once you’ve seen some schools first-hand and received your first test scores, an initial college list may start taking shape.  In addition to in-person tours, you can also take advantage of local opportunities to meet with admission representatives who visit your high school or attend spring college fairs.

I’m currently enrolling students from the Class of 2019.  Do you have a plan for completing your testing, including SAT or ACT dates and possible Subject Tests?  Do you need help identifying criteria for your college search or specific schools to visit?  Are you interested in learning more about aspects of the admission process and how to prepare strong applications?  To set up a consultation or to learn more about my approach, contact me for an appointment.