November 2017

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  • Legislative update on the DC TAG program

    Most students around the country have a variety of affordable options for higher education through their state’s system of public colleges, universities and community colleges.  DC high school students, however, have only one in-state choice.  The DC TAG program was created to offer additional options for DC residents by helping them pay the additional costs […]

  • Road Map for November: Seniors

    I’ve been working with students to meet November deadlines—congratulations to those of you who got applications out the door by November 1 and best of luck to those whose first deadlines are coming up in the next week.  After this first round, give yourself a short break.  Then check to make sure the colleges have […]

  • Road Map for November: Juniors

    You’ll be getting PSAT scores in a few weeks, so this is the perfect time to take a practice ACT, choose a test and develop a testing plan. It’s also a great time to start doing campus visits.  DCPS students should consider scheduling a tour for one of the long weekends coming up. If you’ve […]

  • Road Map for November: Sophomores

    If you took the PSAT, scores will be ready in a few weeks and will provide useful information for future planning.  They’ll help you identify strengths and weaknesses so you can give attention to areas that might need some work. Keep in mind, however, that depending on your curriculum, you may not have covered some […]

  • Road Map for November: Freshmen

    By this time of year I hope you’ve settled into a solid routine for your classes. Have you started exploring activities outside of academics? Think about what you enjoy in your free time or something you’d like to learn more about.  Check out a club at school or maybe a service opportunity that sounds like […]