Legislative update on the DC TAG program

Most students around the country have a variety of affordable options for higher education through their state’s system of public colleges, universities and community colleges.  DC high school students, however, have only one in-state choice.  The DC TAG program was created to offer additional options for DC residents by helping them pay the additional costs for out-of-state students at public colleges and universities outside of DC.  (The program also provides smaller grants for those attending HBCUs or local private institutions.)

I am deeply concerned that the Senate Appropriations Committee Republicans have proposed cutting funding for the DC TAG program by 25%, from $40M to $30M.  The Washington Post reported on the proposal last week and the text of the legislation is posted on the Appropriations Committee’s website.  (See page 49.)

The Republican members of the Financial Services Subcommittee are listed below—along with my count of the number of in-state public choices their constituents have for college. (I did the research quickly, so feel free to double-check my numbers.)  If your student could be affected by these funding cuts, these are the people who need to hear from you. (This proposal is not coming from the Democrats so I haven’t done the research on them. However, if you’re interested in contacting them, the full list of subcommittee members can be found here.)