Road Map for March: Sophomores

Despite the bit of snow we got in DC last weekend, it’s spring college fair season, with fairs coming up here and other cities around the country. If you’re attending a fair, a little preparation can help you make the most of your time. Review the list of colleges that will be present so you don’t miss any you know you’re interested in. Do some research in advance and come prepared with questions specific to each campus. And be sure to provide your name and contact info so the admissions reps are aware that you stopped by their table, since these face-to-face meetings can help you demonstrate your interest in a particular school.

Admissions representatives may also be visiting your school this spring.  Some high schools limit attendance at these meetings to juniors and seniors, but if your school allows younger students to participate it’s another excellent opportunity to research colleges and connect with admissions representatives without the time and expense of travel. Again, come prepared with questions and follow up with a thank you email.

Many sophomores took the PSAT in October while others are taking the PSAT 10 around this time.  First, be aware that it’s the same test. Second, reviewing your scores to identify weaknesses gives you time to work on them.  Most students take their standardized tests and do their test prep during the winter and spring of 11th grade.  A few, however, choose to prep and test early due to other time commitments.  If you’re considering this and would like some input on a testing plan, contact me to schedule a consultation.