Road Map for June: Class of 2022

Congratulations to you, Class of ’22! It’s been a wild ride, and through it all I’ve loved getting to know so many of you, including the families in my own community in Washington, DC and the students in more than 20 states who I’ve connected with virtually.

Your to-dos now are pretty straightforward. First, celebrate! You have much to be proud of. Second, tie up loose ends for the year. Some students still have exams, and in addition to finishing your academic work, be sure to thank everyone who supported you through your journey.  Also think about whether there’s anything you want to archive from your school email or other accounts before they’re closed, or any outside accounts that use your school email address that you need to switch. Third, stay on top of your college’s welcome and enrollment tasks, such as fall class selection.

As with any major life event, the excitement can also come with challenges.  Click here and scroll down for my general suggestions for families navigating this transition. This class has had more than their share of stuff to cope with, and as we’re all aware, the rates of adolescent anxiety and depression have risen dramatically over the last several years, so many of you will also want to review this advice for finding a therapist at college. (The last two sections on insurance coverage and virtual appointments may be particularly helpful.)

For those students who are still wondering if their college choice is the right one, there are more than 400 colleges that are still accepting new applications for this fall, and taking a gap year can also be an excellent option. For guidance on either of these, please contact me.

This will be my last message to the Class of ’22. As you head off to your next adventure, I join your families in celebrating your graduation and your future. Best wishes for all that lies ahead!