Road Map for February: Sophomores

For all of you student athletes, do you plan to play your sport in college? At what level?  Students interested in playing varsity sports should become familiar with the NCAA’s eligibility and recruiting rules, and sophomores can register now with the NCAA Eligibility Center.   Talk to your coach about your skill level and atheletic goals, and carefully consider your academic and personal goals for your college experience as well.  There may be summer ID camps or other opportunities coming up to connect with college coaches; ask your current coach about recruiting strategies for your sport, or contact us for an athletic recruiting consultation.

Even top athletes need good grades to be strong candidates for selective colleges, and strong study skills are essential for balancing your academic workload and your athletic schedule (or any other commitments you have outside the classroom).  My colleague Paul Rivas, who worked with Division I athletes at the University of California, is giving a talk on “Study Skills for Teens” on February 27 at the Nora School and March 26 at Rockville High School.  Click here for details and to RSVP.

Finally, if you’re a girl who’s interested in computer science, Girls Who Code offers a free 7-week summer immersion program for current 10th and 11th graders.  Learn more and apply here; the deadline is March 15.