Road Map for July: Class of 2019

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Now that you have your final grades, take this opportunity to reflect. How did your school year go?  Are you satisfied with your grades, and do you feel they accurately represent the work you did? What about your experiences outside the classroom—did you participate in activities that interest you? Are you getting more deeply involved, for example, by taking on a leadership role on a team or in a club?  As you think about what you did this year, update the record you’re keeping of your accomplishments.  This might be a simple resume, or perhaps you’re using the Coalition’s locker feature, maintaining a LinkedIn profile, or assembling a portfolio.

Think also about what’s coming up in the year ahead.  During junior year students typically start to focus on college-related activities like standardized tests and campus visits.  It may seem early, but you should consider blocking out time now for test prep and college tours during the school year.  (Contact me if you need guidance on which tests to take and schools to visit.)

Many students also take more challenging courses in 11th grade.  More than anything else, colleges are interested in the rigor of your curriculum and the grades you earn, so be prepared to put in the extra work to do well in your junior year classes.  Colleges also take a positive view of students who have an upward trend in their grades—so if your grades haven’t been what you hoped for, it’s not too late!  If you’re a DC-area student, consider signing up for SmithRivas’s monthly study skills series starting in the fall, which can help you do your best in every subject.