Road Map for January: Juniors

I hope your year is off to a great start!  Since winter break ended my students have been working hard in their classes and getting back to their extracurricular activities. What are you looking forward to or focusing on for the next few months? College research should definitely be on your list, whether that means online sessions or in-person visits. While many colleges are still on break and others are not offering campus tours right now due to COVID increases, I am optimistic that they’ll be resuming their usual schedules of in-person options within a few more weeks. Until then virtual offerings, including those hosted by specific colleges and these upcoming fairs with lots of schools participating, are a good choice.

At this point in the year my students generally have their testing plans in place and some have begun prep for February, March or April exams. Ideally I like to have students on track to finish testing by the time senior year starts, since they’ll be busy then with application work. This year that means exams no later than a July 16 ACT or August 22 SAT if possible. Of course the plan depends on the student, and there are times when a different schedule makes sense, and the ongoing test-optional landscape means the stakes around these exams are lower than they’ve been in the past. For a more in-depth look at the college search, evolving standardized test policies, the upcoming application process and financial aid, I hope you’ll join me for College Admissions: A Road Map for the Class of 2023 on February 6.