Road Map for April: Sophomores

The last grading period is a great time to make a big impact on your GPA for the year, since you have both your classroom work and your final exams still ahead of you.  Some of you also have AP exams coming up.  To be well-prepared for all of these end-of-year opportunities, sign up for Better Grades in Less Time on April 21 at the Hill Center and then put your new study skills to work.

I like my students to do at least one college tour before the end of 10th grade.  The goal is to explore and start thinking about what you might be looking for when you develop your college list next year.  If you’ve never done a campus visit, choose a school nearby (or perhaps near your spring break destination) and register on the admissions department’s website. Typically there’s an information session offered by admissions staff in conjunction with a walking tour led by a student.  And check out these tips for campus visits before you go.

Finally, if you are thinking of taking an SAT Subject Test this year, register by May 3 for the June 1 test date. Not sure whether you should take these exams? Schedule an appointment with me to create your comprehensive testing plan.