May 2018

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  • Road Map for May: Seniors

    You’ve made your college decision and sent your deposit—congratulations! As you finish up with classes and exams, I hope you’re also planning lots of celebrations.  Enjoy this time, because it will fly by. Remember to thank everyone who supported you along the way and let them know your fall plans.  Your school counselor in particular needs […]

  • Road Map for May: Juniors

    To those of you in the midst of APs exams, good luck! Many of you have also taken your first SAT or ACT and have scores, or will have them shortly.  If you’re planning another sitting, register now and figure out your prep plan.  Summer can be a good time to focus on test prep without […]

  • Road Map for May: Sophomores

    Believe it or not, you’re almost halfway through high school. These next few weeks offer an opportunity to boost your academic record at this mid-way point.  If you did well in 9th grade and are taking more challenging classes this year, a strong finish can help you continue your strong history; on the other hand, if your […]

  • Road Map for May: Freshmen

    The most important criteria in college admission are your grades, and a strong finish in your classes over the next few weeks can help give you a strong start on your transcript. There’s still time to make a real impact, so see your teachers if you need extra help.  If you’re considering a tutor to […]