Road Map for May: Juniors

To those of you in the midst of APs exams, good luck! Many of you have also taken your first SAT or ACT and have scores, or will have them shortly.  If you’re planning another sitting, register now and figure out your prep plan.  Summer can be a good time to focus on test prep without the pressures of school.

Have you requested letters of recommendation from your teachers? Be sure to meet any deadlines they give you and submit all required forms.  You’ll also want to be very gracious when you ask teachers to write letters for you.  That means asking them in person, letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts on your behalf, and doing whatever each teacher suggests to make it easier to write you a glowing recommendation.

Many juniors did college tours this spring and are taking a break from travel to focus on a strong finish to the year.  You can continue your college search without leaving town by attending a Colleges That Change Lives fair in your area, doing online research, and planning now for summer and fall campus visits and interviews.  If your school year doesn’t start until after Labor Day, consider doing visits at the end of August when college students have returned to campus and you can attend a class, meet with faculty, and talk to students.  You can also look at long weekends and other opportunities in the fall.  While it’s best to visit campuses when they’re in session, visits during the summer can be worthwhile too; a little extra planning can help you make the most of them.