August 2017

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  • Road Map for August: Rising Seniors

    Are you enjoying a restful summer break? Are you starting on college applications and essays? Ideally, the answer to both of these questions is “yes.” After a week offline to update for the 2017-18 application cycle, the Common App is now open.  While students were having some technical problems with rollover accounts earlier this week, […]

  • Road Map for August: Rising Juniors

    I hope you’re having a fun, restful and meaningful summer.  As you savor these last few weeks of vacation, take note of what you’ve accomplished and add it to your resume or whatever method you’ve chosen to track your activities.  Think inclusively—these don’t have to be academic activities, or even organized ones.  If something is […]

  • Road Map for August: Rising Freshmen

    For 9th graders, my advice about college is simple: put in place what you need to have a smooth transition to high school.  You’ll have so many academic, extracurricular and social opportunities that you didn’t have in middle school, so start the year rested and ready to learn and explore.  If you feel you’d benefit […]