Road Map for August: Rising Juniors

I hope you’re having a fun, restful and meaningful summer.  As you savor these last few weeks of vacation, take note of what you’ve accomplished and add it to your resume or whatever method you’ve chosen to track your activities.  Think inclusively—these don’t have to be academic activities, or even organized ones.  If something is important enough to you that you spend significant time on it, consider incorporating it into your list.

Think also about the people you interacted with this summer.  Did you have a job, take a class, or volunteer? You might want to ask your boss, teacher, or other person in charge to write a letter of recommendation for you while your work is fresh in his or her mind.  If you have an account on the Coalition application platform you can invite recommenders to upload letters where they’ll be stored for you, under your control, for later use.

As you get ready to go back to school, invest a little time in getting organized and planning for the year to help limit your stress when your workload increases.  If your organizational skills have room for improvement, check out this monthly class on Capitol Hill this school year.