Road Map for July: Class of 2017

If you’re an East Coast student, AP scores are being released this week.  Check the schedule for the release date for your state, then consider this advice on using those scores.  If you identify areas where you could use additional preparation before college starts in the fall, check out this study skills boot camp coming up in August.  You’ll also be choosing your first semester classes soon.  You have far more choices than you did in high school, so spend some time with your school’s course catalog and take the opportunity to explore.

One more reminder for the future: as you finalize your tuition payment arrangements, remember that financial aid must be renewed every year.  TheFAFSA and CSS Profile open on October 1, and you and your parents should be prepared to complete new forms for the 2018-19 school year. Your college’s financial aid office can provide information about its specific requirements and deadlines.

This is my last message to the Class of 2017 and I wish you my most heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.  If you worked with me, whether one-on-one or by attending a workshop or other event, thank you for the opportunity to share a part of your college journey.  I hope you’ll stay in touch.