Road Map for September: Sophomores

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to get back to work. As always, your top priority should be to have a strong academic year.  Settle into your classes and be sure you understand your teachers’ policies and expectations so you’ll know where to focus your attention and how to prioritize.

Of course school involves more than going to class, and your activities will be starting up again. If you were involved in things last year that you enjoyed, think about what you’d like your involvement to be like this year. And if you didn’t find anything last year that got you hooked, try some new opportunities in the next few months. You might not have to make a major commitment right away; instead, try attending a couple of meetings of a club or talk to people who are involved with an activity to see if it might interest you. And remember that not everything that “counts” as an extracurricular activity is an organized club. If you’re spending time on art, a hobby, a weekend job, or anything that’s a good use of your time, colleges will value these things as well.