Road Map for September: Juniors

Welcome to your new school year! I know many of you are back in-person for the first time or on a full schedule for the first time since the pandemic started. Even for students who prefer attending school in-person, it’s an adjustment. Give yourself some breathing room as you develop your new routines and incorporate new expectations. That means asking for help when you need it. Sometimes the hard part is admitting that you need it, but remember that no one expects you to be perfect on your own.

As you get into this busy year, planning ahead can make things more manageable. First, remember that good grades are the most important factor in college admissions. Second, think about all the commitments you have this year in and out of school such as clubs, sports, work, service, etc. Then take stock of what you will need to do for your college planning; standardized testing, college research and campus visits are important pieces that should happen this year. As much as you can, spread these things out or schedule them around the other things you do. For example, if you’re involved in theater and you know you’ll be busy preparing for a winter show, think about what time of year might be best for your standardized testing and test prep. If you play a spring sport, try to plan college visits in the off-season instead of just during spring break.

For more specifics on planning your junior year I hope you’ll register here for “College Admissions: A Road Map for 11th and 12th Grade Students” on September 26.