Road Map for September: Freshmen

Despite the fact that it’s surely not what you pictured for your start to high school, I hope you’ve had a good beginning to your year. And despite all the changes we’re dealing with, my goal for 9th graders is the same as it always is: to position yourself for a great high school experience. That means getting to know your teachers and other adults who will support you through the next four years, and stepping up to meet a higher level of expectation and independence.

Ninth grade is also a time to explore what high school has to offer. This usually means more choices in classes you can take, clubs to join, sports to play and activities to try. Of course if you’re in a hybrid or fully remote learning environment your options may be more limited for now; however, depending on your location some sports seasons are going forward and some clubs and activities are easily modified to continue online. Others, such as art and music, can often be done at home with few changes. And as businesses and organizations have gotten creative this year with online offerings, location is not as limiting as it’s been in the past. So if you hear of something that sounds interesting to you, this is a great time to try it out.