Road Map for September: Freshmen

You’re just starting high school, do we really need to be talking about college?  Not too specifically, no.  The most important thing high school freshmen can do is have a smooth transition and lay the foundation for a successful high school experience.  Get to know your teachers, school counselor, and other staff who will support you along the way.  Plan your new routines thoughtfully and set some goals.  I recommend (1) using the SMART goal criteria, (2) setting goals for a month or a grading period at a time, and (3) choosing goals about inputs rather than outcomes.  And remember that starting now, everything counts.  While a not-great freshman year can be forgiven if there’s an upward trend in the years that follow, it’s a lot easier to maintain a strong GPA than to raise a weak one.  To learn how to improve your grades in every subject, students in the Class of 2022 can check out these monthly study skills classes on Capitol Hill and in Northern Virginia.