Road Map for October: Seniors

The FAFSA and CSS Profile are now open, so get to work on completing these documents and submitting them to your colleges.  For those of you applying Early Decision or Early Action, a few deadlines have arrived and more are approaching.  Create a timeline to stay on track in these last few weeks and aim to submit your applications a few days before the deadline, just to make sure you have some wiggle room if there’s any glitch.  Also be sure to review the applications carefully to make sure you’re aware of all the requirements, including school-specific writing.  The Common App in particular can be confusing because essays are often located in the college’s “Questions” section instead of “Writing Supplements,” while in the Coalition App, school-specific questions may not be visible until your profile is complete.

Finally, be sure to check this list of colleges that allow you to self-report your SAT and ACT scores. Each entry has a link to the college’s policy on its website, so check these carefully; there’s no reason to pay for official score reports if you don’t have to.