Road Map for October: Freshmen

Now that you’ve had some time to settle into the new school year, keep an eye out for opportunities to expand and explore.  Check out some new activities that seem interesting and fun, like sports and clubs you didn’t have in middle school.   As you think about ways you might want to get involved, don’t worry about making a long-term commitment.  As you go through high school you’ll gradually focus on the things that are most meaningful to you, but now is a time to keep an open mind and try things out.

How are you doing so far on those goals you set at the beginning of school?  If you’ve made progress toward some of them, pat yourself on the back and think about what you want your next steps to be.  If you haven’t moved forward, think about why.  Have you been taking steps toward your goals? Are they the right steps? Are they the right goals?  Do you need support?  Make any adjustments now and then share your updated goals with someone.  You’re more likely to make progress if you feel some accountability.

The main thing you should do as a freshman with an eye toward college is earn good grades, especially in your core academic subjects.   To prepare for what’s coming in the years ahead, save the date for my talk on college admissions on November 15 at the Hill Center.