Road Map for October: Freshmen

Now that we’re into the school year I hope everything is going well. You are probably noticing that more is expected of you in high school than in middle school, including both the level of rigor in your classes and your readiness to seek out what you need to be successful. One way to set the stage for a great year is to strengthen the study skills that will help you succeed in all of your classes. For tips you can use in every class you take in high school (and college!) check out this event on October 16 hosted by Smith Rivas Study Skills and Academic Coaching.

Another difference you’ll notice about high school is that there are more opportunities offered to you, such as athletics, clubs, arts and other extracurricular activities. This year is a time to explore anything you might be interested in. Try out for team, audition for a show or attend a meeting just to see what’s out there for you. You don’t have to make a commitment yet and you never know what your new favorite thing might be.