Road Map for October : Freshmen

I hope you’ve been settling in and doing ok with whatever learning format your school is using. I realize that starting high school is a big transition even in a normal year, and the online aspect adds a whole layer of challenges. One of the biggest is that it’s much harder to develop strong relationships when we’re not in school every day. Do your best to connect with your teachers, since they can be your biggest supporters during this difficult time.

My usual advice for 9th graders is to take advantage of the new opportunities high school offers and try out new clubs and activities.  This year those opportunities are more limited, but the advice still holds.  Many schools are restarting athletics and clubs are taking place online. These can offer a nice break from your classes.  Later in high school you’ll want to focus on a few things that the are most fun, interesting, and meaningful to you, but now is the time to explore broadly and see what those things might be.