Road Map for October: Freshmen

We’re a few weeks into the school year and I hope you’re settling into the high school experience. Not only are the academic expectations higher, but you’re expected to have a higher level of independence.  That means if something isn’t going well, you need to take steps to address it.  If you have any classes you’re concerned about, let your teachers know.  This can be especially important if you’re not sure where the problem lies.  Your teacher can help you pinpoint the challenge and suggest strategies or resources to improve your understanding of the subject.

It may seem early for college visits but if you like sports, a college football game is a great way to introduce yourself to a campus. Not only can you see the school and surrounding town, but you can also get some insight into campus life. If you’d like to do more exploration, review this list of open house events at mid-Atlantic campuses. DCPS students also have an extra long weekend coming up at the beginning of November, which offers a nice opportunity for a day trip in western Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Delaware when fall color will be peaking.

Finally, Class of 2023 parents may not be ready to get into detail about financial aid, but the FAFSA4caster is a great tool that offers an estimate of aid you might be eligible for.  If you’re curious about specific schools, you can also review the net price calculator that every college is required to have on its website.