Road Map for November: Sophomores

I hope your school year is going well! Many of you are getting a first report card around this time. Remember that of all the things colleges look at, academics are the most important. I’m hearing from a lot of students who are still finding their footing after spending the last school year online, so take advantage of the opportunities you now have to meet in-person with teachers for support, or to create study groups with classmates.

Many of you took the PSAT in October and will be getting scores in December. This test is purely diagnostic and it’s a little early for 10th graders to be focused on standardized testing, but if you’re interested in hearing about what lies ahead, you’re welcome to join me on November 21 for This Is Only a Test.

Another thing sophomores can do is a little college exploration. Take advantage of any upcoming days off to do a short visit to a college within day-trip distance, or one locally. This can give you a sense of what different kinds of colleges are like, and what kind might be right for you.