Road Map for November: Sophomores

If you took the PSAT last month, scores will be released in December. While students usually do most of their standardized testing in 11th grade, sometimes it makes sense to take certain tests for highly selective colleges at the end of 10th, or to do test prep next summer to keep your junior year workload from becoming too heavy. If you think you fall into either of these categories, I hope you’ll register for my November 24 event, College Admission Testing for the Class of 2021 and Beyond, to learn more.  I’ll discuss standardized testing in admissions and test-optional admissions, and I’ll be joined by colleagues who specialize in test prep, learning differences and disabilities.

By now you probably have your first set of grades for the year. How are they?  Take this opportunity to meet with your teachers; even if you don’t have a specific need for extra help, it’s a great way to get feedback about what you’re doing well and things you might need or want to work on.  I also encourage students to do some self-evaluation, and one of my favorite ways to do this is to review the Teacher Evaluation form from the Common Application.  As you reflect on yourself, remember that eventually teachers will be submitting recommendations for you, so review and keep in mind the characteristics they will be asked to evaluate. They’ll not only consider your academics, but also things like integrity and independence.  As you continue to set new goals for yourself throughout high school, these categories can help you think about areas in which you’d like to grow.