Road Map for November: Juniors

In the next few weeks juniors will be getting PSAT scores and can nail down a testing plan that includes test selection, dates and prep.  With some exceptions, I like my students to sit for their first SAT or ACT (pick one!) by April.  To figure out your best path forward, I hope you’ll attend my upcoming event, College Admission Testing for the Class of 2021 and Beyond, on November 24.

Although test scores, extracurricular activities and recommendations count in admissions, it’s still your grades that are most important, so be sure to prioritize your classes.  If you’re struggling, meet with your teachers, work on your time management, or consider a tutor—whatever you need to have a strong transcript when the year ends in the spring.

There are a few more weekends available for fall visits and a few colleges in our region have upcoming open house dates.  Now is also the perfect time to plan for 2020 visits.  DCPS students have two long weekends in January that are perfect for touring; check here for other local school districts’ calendars.

Finally, as I wrap up with the Class of 2020 I am enrolling new students in the Class of ’21 for one-on-one counseling.  Please email me to schedule your first appointment or to learn more about my approach.