Road Map for November: Freshmen

Have you gotten your first high school report card yet? I hope it’s great! If it’s not, don’t panic. Most high school transcripts show grades for the semester or the year, so think about what you can do throughout the rest of the year to improve that final mark. If you approach your teachers for support, not only will they help you understand the material, they’ll also get a positive impression about your work ethic.When you eventually apply to college you’ll request letters of recommendation from your school counselor and teachers of your choice. It’s way too soon to be planning for these, but I like students to be aware of the criteria that teachers are asked to evaluate. Check out the teacher evaluation form that the Common Application uses.  It’s no surprise that it asks questions about your academic achievements and quality of writing. Students are often surprised, however, to see that their teachers are also asked about their integrity, reaction to setbacks, and initiative. How strong are you in each of the areas listed on the form? Being aware of the qualities colleges will eventually consider can help you focus on and develop the skills during high school that will help you be successful throughout your academic career.