Road Map for November: Freshmen

Report cards are starting to arrive and I hope you’re pleased with your first high school grades. Any time you receive an evaluation is a good opportunity to do a self-assessment as well. What went well this term and what didn’t? What might you want to work on for the next grading period? Try to focus on steps you can take to improve, rather than the outcome, which can be influenced by things outside your control. Examples might be completing your homework the day it’s assigned, attending office hours or extra help sessions with your teachers, or planning weekly study sessions with friends.

One thing you should do throughout high school is develop and maintain a strong connection with your school counselor. This person will support you in various ways over the next several years on your path to college. If you haven’t met with your counselor yet, request a meeting, but also understand that if he or she also works with seniors it’s a very busy time right now getting college application materials out the door. Still, you’ll make a good impression just by being proactive and reaching out. Your goals for this meeting are to make sure you’re on track for a good year and to give your counselor an opportunity to get to know you individually. For more ways to set yourself up for success over the next four years, please join me for College Admissions: A Road Map for 9th and 10th Grade Students on November 22.