Road Map for November: Freshmen

So . . . how were your first quarter grades? Were they what you expected? Were they what you hoped for? If not, meet with your teachers for feedback about your strengths and how to improve.  Each grading period is also an opportunity to do some self-evaluation. One tool I like to use is the Common Application’s Teacher Evaluation form.  Review the form’s categories and think about your current skills, abilities and areas for growth.  It can help you set goals for the new grading period.

It’s also simply good to be aware of what’s included in the recommendation form, since one day you’ll be asking teachers to complete these for you.  You probably expect teachers to evaluate your academic achievement, writing skills and class discussion.  But does it surprise you that they are also asked about your integrity, reaction to setbacks, and independence?  Keep these topics in mind throughout high school as you continue to set new goals and make plans to meet them.