Road Map for May: Sophomores

As you wrap up this year it may be hard to believe that you’re nearly halfway through your high school experience. I hope you’ve been having a great year, with lots of opportunities to explore academic and extracurricular interests. This is a good time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished so far and to start keeping track of your achievements. A great way is to use this résumé builder or another template to record your activities to have this information not only for your own records, but also readily available for anyone you might want to share it with.  As you develop your résumé, think inclusively about the things you do that are meaningful to you. Not everything you list has to be a paid or structured experience; be sure to include service and hobbies along with your interests and skills in the appropriate sections. All of these things can contribute to making you a desirable candidate for jobs, internships or colleges.

My typical advice for 10th graders at this time is to start to make a standardized testing plan for next year, and the Class of 2025 has an additional consideration with the move to the digital SAT. Although you might not do anything differently than you otherwise would, I like to make sure that students are aware of all of their options, so I hope you’ll join me for This Is Only a Test on May 21. This free webinar will walk through everything you need to know to choose between the SAT and ACT, plan your testing calendar, and make your prep plan.