Road Map for May: Sophomores

To all of you who are in the midst of AP exams, good luck! I hope they’re going well.

Last month I recommended that students do at least one college tour before the end of 10th grade.  College representatives are also traveling around the country to meet with students, so check out these three groups that are coming to the DC area. (If you’re in another location, check out their full schedules to find out when they’ll be meeting with students near you.)  These information sessions are not only good opportunities to learn about specific schools, but also to get a better understanding of what you might be looking for as you start to focus on your college search.

I also like students to spread out their visits rather than pack them into spring of junior year.  Most school calendars for 2019-20 are available now, so block out dates for next year’s visits.  Ideal dates are those when you are off but colleges are not, such as professional development days.  No need to choose destinations yet; reserve the time now and then figure out where you want to go.