Road Map for May: Seniors

May 1st has come and gone and most of you have paid your deposits and are sporting T-shirts from the school that will one day be your alma mater.  Now that your decision has been made, be sure to keep on top of the details, like forms for housing, orientation, registration, etc.  My most important advice on that topic is to check your email regularly, including your spam folder, so you don’t miss important information.

This is also the season for AP and IB exams, so best of luck to all of you who are taking them.  Now that you know where you’ll be headed in the fall, you can review the college’s policy on how those scores will be used.  If you have questions, orientation is a great time to ask them and to meet with an academic advisor for recommendations on first-semester course selection.

With all of your end-of-year activities approaching, plus preparing for your summer and fall, it can be a bit of a whirlwind.  Try to slow down and reflect on the upcoming months, and check out these thoughts on savoring these milestone moments.

Finally, if you got a late start on your college search or are still looking for additional options, there are more than 400 colleges that are still taking applications for this fall.  Check out the list, and contact me for help with applications or other guidance, including gap year plans.